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Smash Hit Plunder is a PlayStation®VR tear-it-up set in Castle Carvasso, a medieval castle sprinkled with ghostly inhabitants. It sends a young Mage recently returned from magic school delving into their family’s fraught past. While the Mage was was away learning the difference between dark and light magic, the family squandered away their large fortune and rapidly lost their home to Mordred, a sneaky spiritual debt collector. Now it’s up to the player to find enough hidden treasure in the castle and its grounds to pay off the debt and win back their own home.

Move through the castle creating as much havoc as possible using the Mage’s special wand magic in a desperate bid to unlock the family home - but look out for other-worldly ancestors!

Designed for PlayStation®VR, Smash Hit Plunder makes the most of VR’s capabilities by plunging the player straight into an immersive game-world. The 2D social screen on the TV means that the multiplayer modes are truly social - either work together in co-op mode or against each other in versus by using standard controllers. It’s an arcade-style fun smash-it-up as well as a technically impressive PlayStation®VR experience.

Game Modes

  • Treasure Runt - single player campaign or co-op. Gather as much loot as you can before the timer runs out!
  • Scavenger Hunt - single player campaign or co-op. Find the specific piece of treasure!
  • Free Play - single player or co-op. Explore within your own time.
  • Two versus multiplayer modes - Poltergeist Panic and Jewel Duel.


Smash Hit Plunder began development in 2014 after Triangular Pixels’ directors Katie Goode and John Campbell realised they wanted to create a truly tactile and fun VR experience. After creating the technically-impressive and BAFTA-nominated Unseen Diplomacy Triangular Pixels wanted to bring PlayStation®VR into the family home so that everyone in the room can participate in, explore and even destroy their very own medieval world.


  • Leap into a medieval world from your living room
  • Full PlayStation®VR, Motion Controller and standard controller support
  • Multiple dungeons and secret rooms
  • Full single player campaign
  • Co-operative multiplayer via 2D TV screen
  • 2-4 Versus multiplayer via 2D TV screen
  • Friendly Grandma AI to guide the players
  • Adaptive high scores
  • Full player locomotion with a variety of comfort options.


Smash Hit Plunder Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Rezzed 2015: BAFTA Inside Games" Official Selection

Selected Articles

  • "[The] mechanics boil down into one very simple and deeply satisfying mission: smash everything. Moving out of the practise room by intuitively swiping a door open, players are treated to the sight of a room literally littered with items to break. It’s a true kid in a candy store moment as you rush towards the nearest desk and gleefully start to hurl glasses, logs, shields and more across the area."
    - Jamie Feltham, VR Focus
  • "Smash Hit Plunder, [is] a VR-based collect-em-up which reminded me of a mashup of Ultima Underworld, Minecraft and 90’s childrens burglary simulator Finders Keepers. It was profoundly interesting to discuss [...] some of the design problems that VR games are trying to overcome, things which we old-fashioned flat-imaged developers take for granted especially in regards interactions and UI. Playing (and very much enjoying) Smash Hit Plunder I was reminded of some of the control schemes of the era of the aforementioned Ultima Underworld, a time in which everybody was trying to solve FPS controls but no-one had yet found the correct solution (or at least its use hadn’t become widespread)"
    - Nick, Insomnia 54

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About Triangular Pixels

We are independent games developers, experienced in the big leagues. We have a passion for fun, light-hearted and social gaming.

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Smash Hit Plunder Credits

John Campbell
Technical Director

Katie Goode
Creative Director

Ben Wilkinson

Louise Chamberlain

Dexter Prior

NJ Sound Design

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