Analog is a freeform map editor for 2d games. Unlike most map editors it’s not based around tiles but free placement of a variety of shapes and geometry. You don’t have to be locked to a grid when creating your art or your levels, so you’re able to make much more interesting, organic maps without that ugly blocky feel.


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Example Project


Analog Version 0.5


  • Geometry – Use points, rectangles and polygons to make up your level
  • Elements – Create and define your own “elements” based on your game’s needs
  • Properties – Provide custom properties for elements to define their role in your game
  • Instances – Override element properties for individual map objects to tweak their behaviour
  • Layers – create as many layers as you want for each map, with their own name and grid settings
  • Zoom – Zoom out to see your whole map or zoom in to work on the important detail
  • Projects – Manage your maps in a single project so it’s quick and easy to make changes
  • Export – Write your own export scripts so you can quickly export maps to your own custom map format
  • Flexible UI – Rearrange and customise the editor so it suits your workflow

For a complete description of features and a quick start guide see the built-in help.


Games made using Analog:
Rescue Squad 2


Analog is built using:
Eclipse Rich Client Platform

Bugs, Requests and Feedback?

Please email John for support

Change List

Version 0.5
Map zoom
Support for open polygons (polylines)
Recent projects list in file menu

Version 0.4
Polygon support. Right click a series of points to create and left click to finish. Select to edit and drag the control handles to add/remove points.
Grid changed to proper grid drawing.
Point elements can now have no image.
Map renaming.
General usability improvements.

Version 0.3
Element groups. Elements can be categorised into different groups so it’s easier to deal with large numbers of elements (eg. a group for all landscape tiles).
Expanded rectangle element attributes to include line and fill colour.
Rectangle instances in maps can now be resized with grab handles.
General UI polish (mostly improved point and rectangle element creation dialogs).

Version 0.2
Layers support. Each map can have as many layers as you want, each with individual grid sizes and snap settings. Add, remove and change the ordering of layers.
Slick rendering. Map drawing is now done via Slick which means it’s a lot faster and is properly double buffered.
General ui polish and refinements.
More complete rectangle support.
Renaming of elements.

Version 0.1