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Hiring Female Developers: Where’s the Bottleneck?

By Louise on February 23rd, 2018

Trying to hire? Want more female applicants? Triangular Pixels discusses how to appeal to female developers and diversify your studio…

The Macro Producer: What do indie studios think about producers?

By Louise on September 18th, 2017

The role of the producer within a game studio can be pretty contentious. Where big studios utilise product owners to hold budgets and manage the development time of medium to large games, the need for a production role in indie studios is less established. (more…)

The Dyslexic Games Designer – How my hidden disability gives me my designer abilities.

By Katie on March 30th, 2017

Many of you will not know that I carry a hidden learning disability – Dyslexia. It can affect my daily life, it affected my education, and has shaped me as a person. I wanted to write up this blog post so I can share with you that having this disability isn’t necessarily a negative, and if you are affected – to give you reason to keep pushing and show you you can still be a successful designer.


World’s First VR Tracked Cat! Vive Tracker VR Pet Hacking

By Katie on March 15th, 2017

We’re starting a little side project, thanks to the trackers HTC have sent us!


The VR tracked pet! (/small child)


Unseen Diplomacy nominated for a BAFTA award!

By Louise on March 9th, 2017

Thursday, 9th March 2017

Exceptional news for the Cornish Games Industry – Triangular Pixels, VR games studio from Bude, has had their game “Unseen Diplomacy ” nominated for this years BAFTA Award for Games Innovation.


Triangular Pixels 2016 Roundup

By Katie on December 19th, 2016

Hi everyone! It’s time for a round up of the year.

This year has been the ‘big launch of VR’ which everyone has been waiting for. It was a big year for us too, with a game launch and awards.


Cornish VR Studio, Triangular Pixels, Wins Develop Games Industry Award

By Katie on July 18th, 2016

Punching well above their weight, two-person startup studio Triangular Pixels has taken home an industry coveted Develop Award for ‘New Studio’, winning over some very tough competition.


Triangular Pixels Nominated for Develop Award ’16

By Katie on May 23rd, 2016

We’ve been nominated for ‘New Studio’ at the Develop Awards to be held in Brighton, 13th July 2016.

Why you really don’t want Knightmare in VR

By JC on April 4th, 2016

or, How we went from Knightmare to Unseen Diplomacy.

One of the great things about showing off any kind of VR to people is watching people’s imaginations sparking when they start to think of the possibilities. People come up with all sorts of interesting ideas, but for those of a certain age one suggestion is almost inevitable to appear:

“Someone needs to do Knightmare for this”


VR Games for all – Designing Unseen Diplomacy for Disabled Users

By Katie on March 31st, 2016

In Unseen Diplomacy you get to duck and crawl around like a secret agent, your body being the controller – but what happens if you are unable to do so? What if you find it difficult to be that physical due to having restricted movement?